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What is a dating coach?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Dating coaches or Date Coaches offer coaching and related products and services to improve their clients' success in dating and relationships.

Dating coaches offer a wide range of services, such as personal coaching, small group seminars, and weekend workshops. One-on-one coaching can involve counselling and in-the-field coaching, which can involve practising attracting the right partner or flirting or going out with a coach of the sex the client is attracted to on a mock date and being critiqued throughout the date. Dating coaches are distinct from matchmakers because they coach people on finding their own dates whereas matchmakers arrange dates for their clients. Coaching styles and programmes differ from provider to provider, and may include advice on the art of feminine energy or masculine energy, conversation, pickup lines, how to dress, appropriate forms of touch, the science of love, and anything else that may improve dating prospects. Others provide guidance on how to date multiple people simultaneously which is also known as circular dating Common elements of dating coaches' tips include the need to decide what you are looking for and remain positive

A similar article can be found on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dating_coach

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