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How it works

Not sure if a dating coach is what you need?  Click here to find out if this is for you.

Get dating advice and move your dating forward in the click of a button.  Our dating coaches are certified by the Michelle Manley school of dating coaching.  You can book a FREE consultation to see if this is right for you





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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Most of our clients had never tried a Dating Coach before working with us

Does this coaching actually work?

Yes, we coach the techniques and strategies that have been proven to work best for people who were in a similar situation as yours. That's why we have many clients like you. Check out their real-life success stories

How much does it cost?

We offer a free 15 mins consultation and then you can choose if you want to buy pay-as-you go sessions or bundles.  Bundles are made of individual coaching sessions of 60 mins each and 1 coaching credit will be deducting after each coaching session you book.  All coaching sessions are for 60 mins each and are around $133 each


How easy is it to cancel a session?

You can cancel a session [more details, e.g. “no later than 48 hours before the planned time”]. Otherwise, sessions you have ordered will be billed in full.


What are the coaches' qualifications?

Our coaches have years of experience professionally helping people succeed in their relationships and Dating. They have also been trained and certified by a standardized training company to give relationship coaching that's healthy and focused on achieving results.  This also means that all of our coaches used the same tools and are able to offer a similar experience.


Can I call you?

Yes! Let your coach know if you prefer to talk over the phone at no extra charge


Is my information secure?

Yes, all your information here is 100% private and never shared with anyone except your coach. Your payment transactions are secured with STRIPE payments



I’m much more aware of my feminine energy when I am relating with men. I recognize when I am chasing, and how off/ overwhelming and suffocating this can feel to be on the receiving end. I’m noticing how nervous I can feel when I am around someone I am super attracted to. And I am ok with the idea of dating more than one man at a time which helps with being less laser focused on one person.

— Anonymous customer